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Al-Muhibbah Open University is founded on a strong moral foundation and desire by Al-Muhibbah Institute of ICT & Entrepreneurship Ltd. to serve humanity with the intent of providing sound and qualitative open and distance education with inbuilt 21st century skills.

The University is being established to focus on the advancement of learning through promoting general and practical education to all persons without distinction of race, creed, sex or political, while also relating its activities to meet the social, cultural, and economic needs of the people of Nigeria and the world.


To be a top-tier open university and a hub of excellence for the provision of high-quality, innovative, and accessible university education


To provide modern facilities, a supportive environment, and academic personnel who are competent to tutor and mentor our students in accordance with global standards to enable the students acquire 21st century skills, become problem-solvers and provide service to humanity

Our History & Passion

The open university is conceived as a response to the government’s call towards contributing to educational development in the country by individuals or group of people. It is to serve as a catalyst in the educational, moral and entrepreneurial development of the people in Nigeria in particular and the world in general. It shall also seek to inculcate values in the students that will inspire them to be future leaders that will be job creators rather than job seekers.

(Dr.) Aisha Bala Muhammed is the founder Al-Muhibbah Foundation, and she is recognized and appreciated within and outside of Nigeria due to her humanitarian efforts. Her numerous humanitarian activities have long been in existence, long before even the existence of the Al-Muhibbah Foundation. She has helped women, children, and others within and outside her family, community, and locality at large. She encourages self-reliance, participation in microscale businesses, and empowered grassroots community associations in her native town of Alkaleri, all the way today to her adopted city of Abuja and outside Nigeria.

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