The Senate

The senate

Al-Muhibbah Open University shall have a Senate and it shall be the general function of the Senate to organise and control teaching in the University, admission into undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and other admissions of students, the discipline of students and to promote research in the University. The Senate shall be the highest academic and final decision-making body for all academic matters.

The Vice-Chancellor shall be the Chairman at all meetings of the Senate when he is present, in the absence of the Vice-Chancellor, a Deputy Vice-Chancellor, and in the absence of a Deputy Vice-Chancellor, a nominee of the Senate shall act as Chairman. The Senate shall make regulations regarding the term of office of elected members, 45 including the mode of their resignation, frequency of Senate meetings and on any other related matters.

All Professors are permanent members of Senate. Deans and Heads of Departments are by reasons of their positions, members of the Senate. Regulations shall provide that voting at election held in Senate is by secret ballot and that votes are cast in person, provided that permanent members of Senate are entitled to vote in absentia, in writing. Electronic voting maybe permitted.

Composition of the Senate

  • Vice chancellor
  • Deputy Vice chancellor
  • Liberarian
  • Deans of Faculies

  • H.O.D's
  • Director of Research Institutions
  • Director of Academic Planning
  • Director of Quality Assurance